Market For Energy Efficient Windows Growing Fast

Date Added: 8/15/2015, by 

Big things are happening in the world of energy efficient windows. Where once window manufacturers simply added another layer of glass and called it a day, new research and materials make it possible to create windows that can cut annual energy bills by up to 20%. Apply that number to all the buildings in the world and you have removed millions of tons of carbon dioxide from the air, not burned millions of barrels of oil for heat and electricity and saved families and business billions of dollars. No wonder the market for energy efficient windows is expected to grow by 19% a year to more than $ 5 billion dollar by 2020 according to Industry ARC, a global research firm.

Windows are wonderful. They let sunlight in and see the world outside. But they are weakest link when it comes to insulating our homes and commercial buildings. On average, a window has less than 10% of the insulating power of the walls that surrounds it. Not only does it let precious heat out in the winter, making our furnaces work harder, it also lets unwanted heat in during the summer, putting an extra load on air conditioning equipment.

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