Commercial / Industrial Construction

Over the past 20 years, we have had the opportunity to work both independently and collaboratively on a number of commercial projects. While the types of commercial projects run the gamut, many of them have been schools, restaurants and strip malls.

Bldg. 2408Fort Benning, GA$350,00.00
Eglin AFB Bldg. 440 Fort Walton Beach, FL $216,000.00
Eglin AFB Bldg. 104 Fort Walton Beach, FL $93,650.00
College Park Health Care Center College Park, GA $138,600.00
Fort Benning Bldg. 2895 Fort Benning, GA $207,850.00
Eglin AFB Bldg. 12521 Fort Walton Beach, FL $99,529.00
Hurlbert Field Bldg. 90228 Fort Walton Beach, FL $225,000.00